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The links below contain information about OpenType, TrueType, PostScript Type 1 fonts, font editors, font design, type tutorials, font conversion, managers, viewers, newsgroups and more.

Custom Font Services
Create a font based on your own handwriting YourFonts $14.95 5 stars
Generate a font with this easy to use online font generation service. Also includes your signature.
Personalize your font collection Fonts In Bloom $14.95 5 stars
This is an automated font generation service that converts your handwriting into a font in minutes!
Make your own handwriting font FontGrinder $14.95 5 stars
This is a fully automated font creation service enabling you to design your own font on paper and have it quickly converted to an OpenType font.
Convert your handwriting into a font Acrotype $14.95 5 stars
Your very own font in 15 minutes!
Convert your signatures into a font Sigfonts $19.95 5 stars
Your own signature font with 16 signatures.

Custom Font Services
Go Font Yourself Chank $199.00 3 stars
Fill in a form and you will receive your personal font within 10 days. Limited character set.
Custom handwriting font conversion FontGod $29.95 5 stars
Will convert your handwriting to a Truetype font for Windows or Mac.

Free Font Sites
1001 Free Fonts  the most popular free fonts archive online. 5 stars
Font Freak one of the largest and most visited free font archive on the net. 5 stars
Acid Fonts has a large amount of free fonts. 5 stars
Larabie Fonts free fonts by Ray Larabie. 5 stars
Iconian Fonts more than 100 free fonts created by Dan Zadorozny. 5 stars
Speciality Fonts download free Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Party fonts and more. 5 stars

Commercial Font Foundries And Stores
Phil's Fonts Sells fonts from all major font vendors, like adobe and linotype. 4 stars
My Fonts Find, try and buy fonts. Over 50,000 fonts available. 4 stars
Adobe Type Library More than 2,200 typefaces - serif, sans serif, display, ornaments. 5 stars
VintageType Celtic, Contagious and Classic brewers fonts. 4 stars
Linotype Library more than 6,000 original, high-quality fonts from classic to cool in TrueType, PostScript and OpenType. 5 stars
FontHaus over 70,000 fonts from $9.95. 5 stars

Font Editing Software
FontCreator 5.6 High-Logic July 2007 PC $79 5 stars
An advanced and easy to use TrueType font editor. It can also convert images to TrueType outlines, thus enabling you to create your own signature, logo and handwriting.
Scanahand 2.0 High-Logic October 2008 PC $49 5 stars
Generate a font based on your handwriting in just a couple of minutes.
FontLab Studio 5.0.2 FontLab May 2006   PC and Mac $649 4 stars
A professional but complex tool for creating fonts. It supports all major font formats, but has a 5000 character limit.
Fontographer 4.1.5 FontLab March 2006 PC and Mac $349 2 stars
A decade ago this was the best font editor, now it is outdated.

Font Design & Type Tutorials
My First Font 5 stars
Read this tutorial in case you want to make a font based on your own handwriting.
Make a font based on your own handwriting 4 stars
Another tutorial about making your own font with Font Creator. This tutorial also includes solutions to common problems that might arise.
Creating a Pixel Font from scratch 5 stars
An excellent guide to creating cross platform pixel fonts with Font Creator.
How to make fonts 3 stars
Describes how to create a font with Photoshop and Fontographer.
Chank's Guide to Making Fonts 3 stars
Explains how to make your own fonts with Fontographer.
Gaultney Font Hints 3 stars
Another tutorial about making fonts with Fontographer (and Photoshop).
Font making tutorial - tips 3 stars
General tips on how to manipulate shapes into characters.
Font creation tutorial - advanced techniques 3 stars
A collection of interesting ideas and tips to create fonts.

Font Conversion
CrossFont 3.7 Acute Systems July 2004 PC $45 4 stars
Converts TrueType and PostScript Type1 fonts between Macintosh and PC platforms.
TransType 2.1 FontLab August 2002   PC and Mac $97 4 stars
Converts fonts to almost any other format on Mac and PC.

Font Managers
MainType 2.1.1 High-Logic May 2007 PC $49 5 stars
A powerful and easy-to-use font manager that supports all popular font formats.
MyFonts 5.2 MyTools.com July 2002 PC $35 2 stars
This font manager used to be very popular.
The Font Thing 0.80 Sue Fisher December 1999 PC free 3 stars
Manages TrueType fonts.
Typograf 4.8f Neuber April 2004 PC $35 4 stars
Font manager for OpenType, TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and printer fonts.
Printer's Apprentice 7.57 Lose Your Mind Development October 2004 PC $25 4 stars
A tool for managing font files on Windows systems.
Font Xplorer 1.2.2 Moon Software November 2002 PC €19.95 4 stars
A font manager for TrueType and OpenType fonts.

Font Related Newsgroups & Forums
comp.fonts access via Google and search posts since 1988 5 stars
Non-binary newsgroup related to fonts and typography.
alt.binaries.fonts 5 stars
Binary newsgroup mostly used for finding fonts.
microsoft.public.word.general access via Google and search posts since 1996 4 stars
General questions on using Microsoft Word.
Typophile Forums 5 stars
Typophile is an open typographic community with discussion forums and resources for type design, theory and technique for professionals and beginners.

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